Eastern Mediterranean University Psychological Counseling Guidance and Research Center  (EMU-PDRAM) was established and approved by the University Board on November 4th 1997 as a unit working in direct association with the Rector's office.
EMU-PDRAM is the pioneer institution in North Cyprus that offers psychological services at the university level.

EMU-PDRAM is located on the ground floor of Health Center and our psychological support services have been actively offered since the Spring of 1998. Individuals may need psychological support in different stages of their lives.

EMU-PDRAM aims to support you while you are trying to adapt to your new university and dormitory life, new friendships you develop, difficulties with your courses and similar situations that you need support.

Every year, EMU-PDRAM psychologists update and modify psychological services offered by the center in order to meet the needs and demands of our students and staff.  Currently, EMU-PDRAM team consists of Prof. Dr. Alim Kaya who is the director of the center, one part-time psychiatrist, five full-time psychologists, one part-time psychologist, one social worker, one secretary, one research assistant and an attandant.

As EMU-PDRAM psychologists, we are always ready to listen, support and help you without prejudice in the process of overcoming your problems.

Best Wishes,