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Guidance Services

Guidance ​services at EMU-PDRAM aims to help students to understand themselves, their interests, abilities and skills better so that they find the most suitable way to become successful.​

Self Awareness Programs

  • To enhance a student's objective perception of his/her identity,
  • To help students to better understand their personality and potential through the use of various psychometric methods,
  • To support and guide the student's efforts towards developing and realizing his/her potential.

Information and Guidance Services

  • To support the students in the process of coping with academic difficulties,
  • To inform the students about specialized education fields suitable for them,
  • To assist the students in vocational and career guidance.

EMU Orientation Program

The program aims to guide incoming freshmen and new students upon their arrival at EMU. It is designed to help students adapt to their new social environment and to assist them in coping any difficulties they may face. EMU Orientation Program was realized for the first time in 1999-2000, the students Ambassador Program was added as corroborative to EMU Orientation Program. Every year, the contents of the Orientation Program are upgraded and improved to offer better guidance services to EMU students, Since 2006, EMU Students Affairs division is in charge of the EMU Orientation Program. Those EMU students willing to be a part of EMU Orientation Program are selected and trained to work as Student Ambassadors throughout this program period. They escort newcomers coming to North Cyprus from other countries to EMU and they help them to settle down into their new habitat.

At the beginning of the each academic year, the EMU Student Handbook is distributed to new students to inform them about campus facilities and the administrative structure. The aim of the EMU Orientation Program is to familiarize the new students with the faculties, departments and centers such as EMU Student Activity Center and the diverse clubs associated with the center. Additionally, as part of the Orientation Program, EMU organizes different social acitivities during which the students may become familiar with the Turkish Cypriot culture