Psychological Counseling Applications

Dear EMU Students and Staff, 

Psychological counseling services at EMU-PDRAM are currently provided as face to face and/or online  in accordance with the pandemic conditions. 

In order to benefit from these services effectively, we would recommend  you to pay attention to the following points; 

  1. Applications for psychological counseling services are accepted as online. In order to apply, please fill in the following suitable Application Form accurately and completely. 
  2. All information you provide in the form will be kept confidential.  
  3. Face to face psychological counseling services are provided in EMU-PDRAM under pandemic regulation. Online psychological counseling services are carried out through Microsoft Teams. 
  4. After we receive your application form, you will be contacted via the contact information you provided in the form. 
  5. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (E-mail: / Phone number: 0392 630 22 51)

Please click the suitable button below to Apply for Psychological Counseling.