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Our Mission (H2)

(P)The Eastern Mediterranean University(EMU Bold) has set as a mission becoming a university acting in line with universal values, guided by internationally recognised academic educational criteria, providing solutions for regional and international problems with a sense of social responsibility, raising graduates who have internalized multiculturalism, free thought, tolerance and participation as well as carrying out work to make international improvements in the fields of production, science, arts and sports.

Our Vision (H2)

The vision of Eastern Mediterranean University is to provide high quality education based on scientific production, and to become a leading and the most preferred university by students and academic staff within its unique geographical location which joins three continents.

EMU History(H3)

1979(H4 Bold Black)

(indent in Content Box)The Institute of Higher Technology constituting the foundation of EMU is established. The Institute of Higher Technology starts providing education with the Departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering offering 3-year programs to 105 students with the aim of educating an intermediate workforce between an engineer and a technician and issuing a 'technician-engineer' diploma to successful students.Content goes here!

1984(H4 Bold Black)

 (indent in Content Box)Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments are extended to four-year programs.Well done!! You successfully read this important alert message.

(P)Student Services Office(Bold) aims to solve the problems students may encounter during the academic year with the help of its highly skilled staff. 3rd(superscript) In this regard, the office offers the following services:

(Unordered List below)

  1.     Immigration Procedures,
  2.     Accommodation,
  3.     Military Probation,
  4.     Health Insurance,
  5.     Information Services
  6.     Call Center

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