Ethical Principles

Once students or staff apply to EMU-PDRAM, they are informed about the Ethical Conduct code of psychology. These ethical conduct codes are universal and fundamental for all psychologists.

Respect for People's Rights and Dignity

EMU-PDRAM psychologists respect and strive to promote the fundamental rights, freedom, confidentiality, autonomy and the psychological well-being of all individuals receiving psychological services. If there is a need for transferring personal information, EMU-PDRAM psychologists pay close attention to respect people's rights and dignity. Obeying professional ethics and protecting people's private lives are of high importance at EMU-PDRAM. Psychologists at our center provide psychological services to individuals without any discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, nationality, ethnic background, culture, language, religion, cult, disability, socio-economic status and etc.


EMU-PDRAM strictly reserves the confidentiality of all of EMU students and staff. The information received and recorded at the center will not be disclosed to any other party, institution or organization without the individual's own free-will. Only in extreme circumstances whereby the individual exhibits behavior that is dangerous to his/her well-being or others, confidentiality may be breached.


Individuals have the choice to receive counseling services without any limitations that are against their own free-will.


The psychologists of EMU-PDRAM are responsible for the methods and professional advice they offer students, staff, groups and society.