Research Activities

EMU-PDRAM strives toward improving the quality of services provided​ to students and staff by keeping up to date with national and international developments, applications and research related to psychology.​

Types of Research Conducted by EMU-PDRAM​​

  • Research related with practice, which aims to evaluate the efficiency of individual/group counseling programs at EMU-PDRAM that contributes to behaviors and cognitions of students and staff.
  • Review type of research which aims to get a better knowledge about students and their psychological and social needs as well as their origins and problem areas.
  • Experimental and descriptive research which aims to investigate various aspects of the stages of adolescence and youth and contribute to literature.

Some Research Conducted by EMU-PDRAM

  1. Attitudes toward Domestic Violence
  2. TENTS Project (The European Network for Traumatic Stress)
  3. Intergroup Contact: The Case of Cyprus
  4. Concept Development in Childhood and Adolescence
  5. Mother-Father School Project
  6. Developmentally Challenged Children
  7. Reading/Writing Difficulties
  8. Media Literacy
  9. Attitudes Toward Getting Psychological Help Among University Students​